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    You want to hear that!

    Sandra has developed an amazing piece of art: the Sound Picture in collaboration with Sonus and Buschfeld Design. The Sound Picture plays the music or sound selected from your phone or tablet. Easily installed it is only hanging on two smart looking wires accompanied by lights. Sandra prints her beloved big city motifs on audio fabric that hides a high quality sound system behind it. You want to hear that!

  • Best of SpringSalon 2015

    Friday, May 29 We had a great opening with lots of lovely people and art lovers! Thanks to everyone for coming and celebrating with us!   all images by Detlev Eller Special thanks to Stephen Blass and Katy Tromsdorf, Buschfeld Design | Schultheiss Bier | Markus Fichtner, berlineis.de |  

  • The Highlights of upcoming SpringSalon 2015

    SpringSalon 2015 We proudly announce the Annual SpringSalon on Friday, May 29 at 7 pm at our new breathtaking location Highlights of the night 7 pm Start on the Roof top with Konopke's Original Berliner Currywurst 8 pm Welcome and site visit with Sandra Rauch Sandra Rauch | Billboard New York City | New TV Acrylic Jens Becker | Light Waves | Mechanic lightobjects of great beauty Reinhard Görner |…