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    You want to hear that!

    Sandra has developed an amazing piece of art: the Sound Picture in collaboration with Sonus and Buschfeld Design. The Sound Picture plays the music or sound selected from your phone or tablet. Easily installed it is only hanging on two smart looking wires accompanied by lights. Sandra prints her beloved big city motifs on audio fabric that hides a high quality sound system behind it. You want to hear that!

  • Newest Staff Member at Kunstsalon Europa: dji inspire 1 Drone

    Sandra welcoming the new ArtDrone into the Kunstsalon-Europa team: “As a TecArtist, I’m always searching for new perspectives to integrate into my work. This is a fascinating technology that will allow me to add unique new elements into my metropolis pieces. The ArtDrone will be an inseparable travel companion in our upcoming city explorations. Next stop HongKong!”