FallSalon at Kunstsalon

Saturday, 21 September, was a memorable evening for us at the Kunstsalon Europa. We celebrated the arrival of autumn with the opening of SoundPictures TvAcrylics und LitheAcrylics, the latest collection from Berlin’s TecArt artist, Sandra Rauch. Lars Schlüper of 8Sec (solutions entertainment cinema) welcomed our guests and introduced Sandra’s newest work. We were also pleased to present an original piece to one of the guests.

Sandra provided some background and impressions on her new series. SoundPictures features a new technique whereby integrated music components expand two-dimensional images into the unique experience of sound and image merged together.

The TvPictures series features integrated flat screens creating an interface with internet, television or music sources to unlock new experience dimensions. As a result, new perspectives are brought to life, which enhance the images of urban life in a fresh format.

We would like to warmly thank everyone who attended Fall Salon and your ongoing interest. We would also like to particularly thank Sonus, whose integrated high-end systems transformed the images into artwork that resonated strongly with our guests.

For those of you who missed the Fall Salon opening, we have posted a video clip of the evening below. Otherwise, SoundPictures will be on display through the end of October. Please stop by to enjoy these exciting new works.