Berliner Kunstsalon 2009



Humboldt Umspannwerk

Kopenhagener Str. 58 / Sonnenburger Str. 73
10437 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)

Opening: 22 September 2009 / Duration: 23–27 September

Sandra Rauch, Ulrike Stolte and Jens Becker present their new work.

Sandra Rauch


Sandra Rauch’s new series on Plexiglas, focused almost exclusively on the modern city, echoes the penetrating sharpness and brilliance of oversized glossy photos. An uncompromising modernity and the examination of the “here and now” determine the choice of materials and themes. The sheer size of the images along with the balance between photographic precision and the painterly abstract force us to invade the depths and fathom the term “city.”

Jens Becker


New tubes, boxes, mechanical sculptures, and other works with infinite range are shown by Jens Becker and include comprehensive, cross-media works touching on aspects of photography, painting, sculpture, and music (sound). The focus of the work is the piece “Chainsculpter-Tube,” a continuous tube with a vibrant interior.

Ulrike Stolte


Color, shape, textile material—Ulrike Stolte shows application images at the sixth Kunstsalon in Berlin. In spatial juxtaposition, the artist presents works from her Haptikzyklus series as well as new works with space-consuming woolen fabrics, which grow out of the picture.